Lips - Lip filler

Here at Dr.Kara cosmetic clinic in Norwich, UK, you can get lip defining and plumping treatments to improve the appearance and volume of the lips. This is done with dermal fillers or commonly referred to as ‘lip fillers‘.


We are all different and some people are born with thinner lips, asymmetrical lips or wanting to restore lips to what they once were due to ageing. Also, lips thins when we age. From our 20s onwards we all start to lose collagen in our skin which can mean we start to show less plump skin including the lips. This process can be accelerated by numerous factors such as sun damage, smoking and pollution. This process can be slowed down with good skincare and cosmetic treatments. Best results are achieved when used in combination with each other. 

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Before and after 1ml dermal filler to lips, nasolabial (nose to mouth) lines and marionette (mouth to chin) lines.
1.0ml lip filler results
Lip filler result by Dr Kara Cosmetic Clinic , Norwich , Norfolk , UK
Before and after 0.5 ml lip dermal filler to provide lip definition and volume.
2.0 mls lip filler results over 2 treatments

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