Dermal filler reversal

Sometimes things do not go the way you want in life. This can also apply to dermal fillers. Using a highly skilled practitioner can help reduce risks but this does not eliminate those risks. Your practitioner should counsel you fully prior to your dermal filler treatment and you should be offered a ‘cooling off’ period to consider your decision. All offered at Dr Kara cosmetic clinic. 

Some dermal filler complications:

  • Moves place / migrate
  • Nodules / lumps
  • Aesthetically unpleasing result
  • Block off blood supply to your skins tissue leading to tissue loss / necrosis – A rare but serious complication.
Lip filler dissolving by Dr Kara cosmetic clinic

How to reverse dermal filler?

It is recommended that if you are unhappy with the result of your dermal filler treatment that you return to the same practitioner who performed it. If this is NOT possible Dr Kara can reverse dermal filler treatments. Please book in for a FREE initial consultation* to see how I can help you.

Dermal filler can be reversed with an enzyme productThis enzyme that breaks down the dermal filler only. You may require several reversal treatments to achieve the desired result. This treatment carries a risk of allergic reaction of around 1/1000 which could lead to life threatening complications.

Dr Kara recommends a reversal enzyme patch test prior to performing this treatment. This is for your safety. Please discuss this with Dr Kara in your consultation for more details.

How is a patch test performed?

A very small amount of dermal filler enzyme product is injected superficially in the forearm skin along with a control substance of saline. You are then reviewed to see if you develop inflammation. If you develop sufficient inflammation, that Dr Kara can identify, she will deem you allergic. You should not develop a severe reaction to this test as a very small amount is injected.

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